Our Story

The Sensible Movement Coalition is a non-profit working throughout the entire country empowering, educating and aiding local citizens in pursuing their constitutional rights of home rule.

Starting in the summer of 2013, motivated by a desire to have more control of the laws written, a small group of regular citizens researched and discovered the concept of home rule.  Allowed in over 40 states, home rule gives certain rights of “self rule” to the population of cities and villages, allowing more control of public policy to citizens through local ballot initiative and legislative influence.

The Sensible Movement Coalition’s original motivation is really just the tip of what is possible with home rule. The smaller scale of local politics allows for greater accessibility by everyday citizens for more self control of local government. Working on the local level allows regular citizens access to changing laws, whereas on the state level it requires a tremendous amount of money and influence. Regardless of whether the subject is cannabis decriminalization or any other law, where home rule is applicable, it can be a useful tool for a small group of dedicated citizens to change all local misdemeanor laws.

The SMC has been successful at every level from enacting local ordinances on the cutting edge of public policy to the successful legal defense of our actions in a Federal Court. The success rate of our campaigns is over 85% and has resulted in the protection of over 562,000 citizens. The Sensible Movement Coalition is one of only a handful of organizations in the country to have any success fighting the drug war and affecting local policy. Sensible Decrim has been successful at removing harm and directing the use of local resources more efficiently.

We will work with anybody who has interest in changing local laws. We offer our services free of charge and operate exclusively on donations. We are motivated to educate local citizens in pursuing their constitutional rights. Please get involved today. We need help on the ground and donations if you are looking to make a real difference. Please help us help you!