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7 Ohio cities will vote to decriminalize Cannabis in 2022

EXCITING NEWS! The citizens of Ohio have spoken again this year. In addition to the 29 cities that have already voted to decriminalize cannabis in Ohio, the citizens now have 7 more cities that will be voting in November 2022 election.

Starting in the summer of 2013, motivated by a desire to have more control of the laws written, a small group of regular citizens researched and discovered the concept of home rule.  Allowed in over 40 states, home rule gives certain rights of “self rule” to the population of cities and villages, allowing more control of public policy to citizens through local ballot initiative and legislative influence. That year, Toledo residents turned in a petition to city council to remove the penalties for misdemeanor amounts. Residents of 29 cities, with the assistance of Sensible Movement Coalition and NORML Appalachia Ohio, have chosen to take action and change their local laws. The cities of Kent, Helena, Laurelville, Rushville, Shawnee, Corning, and Hemlock will be voting on this issue in November. If you want more information on how to decriminalize your city contact representative of Sensible Movement Coalition.


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